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Celebrating 70 Years of Excellence:
Cantina Sociale Dorgali Honors Cooperation

In the heart of Sardinia, Cantina Sociale Dorgali proudly celebrates 70 years of cooperation and success in the world of wine. On the occasion of this significant anniversary, the winery has unveiled an extraordinary commemorative grappa, featuring a label dedicated to Rosalind Franklin, an iconic figure in scientific history.

The choice to dedicate the label to Rosalind Franklin underscores the winery’s commitment to celebrating extraordinary women. Born in London in 1920, Franklin played a crucial role in the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA and RNA in 1953, thanks to her pioneering work in X-ray crystallography.

The grappa, named IMPAVIDA, is a testament to strength, passion, and tenacity. Encapsulated in every drop is the DNA of the Sardinian land—a fusion of tradition and innovation that characterizes Cantina Sociale Dorgali.

This isn’t the first time the winery has dedicated a commemorative label to a female figure. On its 60th anniversary, the Cantina paid homage to great women who shaped history 60 years prior. Now, for the 70th anniversary, the tribute goes to Rosalind Franklin and her groundbreaking discovery.

IMPAVIDA: Cantina Dorgali’s Grappa

IMPAVIDA is the new flagship grappa of Cantina Sociale Dorgali. Bold and passionate, like the woman it honors, this grappa is produced using a discontinuous distillation system in copper steam boilers, ensuring a rich and enveloping taste. The finest ingredients impart a complex and embracing fragrance, making each sip a sensory journey through Sardinian history and tradition.

The Bottle: A Visual Tribute to Rosalind Franklin

The label of IMPAVIDA depicts Rosalind Franklin, a visual tribute to her extraordinary scientific legacy. Every detail is meticulously crafted, making the bottle not only a genuine work of art but also a tangible homage to the woman who significantly contributed to our understanding of the molecular world.

With Cantina Sociale Dorgali, each bottle of IMPAVIDA becomes a blend of history, science, and Sardinian tradition, uniting the past and present in a unique toast to the years of shared successes and those yet to come.

Purchase now Impavida, the celebratory grappa from Cantina Dorgali.

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