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Way back in 1953, on the eastern coast of Sardinia, a group of farmers from Dorgali founded Cantina Dorgali, which has constantly grown over more than a half century and is now one of the biggest names on the Sardinian wine-making scene.
Today Cantina Dorgali faces a new challenge: a project aimed at developing and enriching the wines traditionally produced, with a view to bringing out the very best in the local culture, history and traditions.
A key role in this effort is played by the Cannonau, the leading grape variety in the region’s wine-making tradition, which in this area – thanks to the particular characteristics of the soil and the climate – boasts a series of varietal features hitherto little known and with considerable unexplored potential.
The improvements sought start out from the vine, with a different approach to growth and production, focused on low yields per plant and careful planning of all processes through to the harvest.
In the winery, the technologies used are not particularly complex, but are designed to bring out the best in the varietal features of Cannonau and of the other vines in the area..
This new philosophy has allowed the area to take charge once more of its identity, considered of fundamental importance for the development and enhancement of all the wines produced.


Strength in numbers

From just a handful of members at the outset, Cantina di Dorgali is today composed of some 220 men and women, some of them also from the surrounding areas, who join forces – today as in the past – to tend to around 650 hectares of vineyard. It is thanks to their extraordinary hard work that Cantina di Dorgali is able to produce an average of 18,000 – 20,000 hectolitres of wine.


Over 60 years together

Our winery is proud to have conquered the historical prejudice against Sardinians, described by Charles V as “pocos, locos y mal unidos” (few, crazy and disunited). We have responded to this commonplace with over 60 years of determination, growth and innovation.
This has earned us a series of important awards, such as the “Cangrande medal”, presented to us in 2016 by the President of the Republic on the occasion of Vinitaly, as well as numerous other accolades awarded to our wines during the most important events on the Italian and international wine calendar.


The modern expression of an ancient tradition

During the month of the harvests, the methods used to collect the grapes – still strictly harvested by hand – come as a great surprise to many.
650 hectares of vines grown, with around 2,700,000 kilos of grapes produced thanks to the respect and care we invest in every single plant. This is what we have learned from our forebears. This is the expertise we possess from time immemorial.


Between the sea and the mountains

Our tradition, our land and our history place us at the heart of what can now finally be called the Classic Cannonau area.
Large valleys, plateaus and terraced slopes nestled between the Supramonte mountains and the Gulf of Orosei. We live in one of the most widely admired areas of Sardinia for its nature and archaeology, and the distinctive geological and climatic characteristics concentrated into just a few kilometres allow us to produce unique, top-quality wines.

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